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Texas Golf Challenge

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Texas Golf Challenge

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Starting September 1, 2021 and every month until March 1, 2022, we will feature sponsors with the highest pledge amounts. Final Sponsors will be selected March 1, 2022. Funds listed under their logo are donated to the junior golf organization selected by tournament Champions. Support your Texas Sponsors!

How many futures can we change?



Physician Sponsor

Insurance Sponsor


Texas Leaderboard

Starting May 1, 2022 teams will be listed by points scored. The leaderboard will display teams, players, club, and city by points and ranking.

Player Awards

The five Texas Champions will receive Player Awards. We accept Player Awards throughout the tournament season. In October, the Player Champion selects first and then the Team Champion’s highest scoring players. Sponsors will be featured below with a link to their website. The value of their award will be listed under their logo, photo, or video. Contact us for additional information.

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