It’s a Fantasy Football Tournament of Leagues.

We recognize and reward the highest scoring players and leagues in communities across the country. We help raise funds for causes our champions select.

Are you a Champion?

It takes years of experience, knowledge of every player’s and every teams’ strength and weakness, every week. Fantasy Football is a challenging sport that requires a tremendous amount of research, analysis, knowledge, and experience. If you win here, you receive the recognition and compensation you deserve.

Play in your regular league and compete in our City, State, and National Championships. All you do is register your league. Your league’s 10 or 12 player/team weekly scores are posted to all leaderboards. The highest scoring leagues and players win each tournament.

All leagues must be “head to head” season long re-draft leagues with one of 3 different point settings. To win the National Championship, the League and Player must score more points than every other League and Player in each tournament country. Registration starts January 2, 2022. The tournament starts in September and ends in February.

You want every player in your league to score the maximum number of points, and you want to score more points than every player in your league. If you win here, you are a Champion!
Play for  a Cause!

Local sponsors select a nonprofit organization to support throughout the tournament season.  In February 2023, City, State, and National Champions will select a local Sponsor’s cause or nonprofit to receive all donations. Visit the Tournament page for details.

Fantasy football is an American phenomenon. Over 4 million men and women play. Their average age is 38 and average household income is about $90,000. We have developed many programs, promotions, activities, and events to help sell your services and generate support for a cause in your community. Please visit the Sponsor page for additional information.

There are 6 sponsors for each City, State, and National tournament. In July and August we will start selecting sponsors for each tournament. The sponsor fee is a pledge based on the sales generated throughout the 7 month fantasy football season.

Companies can also register their own league. It’s free and a good way to get your community and your customers involved in your efforts to win and help a cause in your community. Visit the Sponsor page and read our marketing article for additional information. Register your league today or sponsor a City or State tournament.

Have some fun, do some business, make a difference!