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Golf Challenge

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 A Campaign and a Challenge

It’s a national campaign to secure the maximum number of Teams, Sponsors, and donations to Junior Golf Organizations. We will start accepting teams and sponsor requests September 1, 2021. Final sponsors for all City, State, and National tournaments will be selected March 1, 2022. The Golf Challenge starts May 1, 2022.

How many futures can we change? 

The Golf Challenge 

Teams of 4 (men and/or women) compete in 6 matches with other teams between May 1 and August 1, 2022. Two teams exchange two players and each foursome schedules their match. Using their GHIN handicap, each player competes with one opponent and receives 1 point for every hole they win. The Team with the most points wins the match and an additional 2 points. 

Teams and players will be listed on the City, State, and National leaderboards by points scored. On August 1, 2022, the Team and Player with the most points win the City, State, and National Championships. Champions select a local sponsor’s junior golf organization to receive all sponsor pledges/donations. They also receive player awards featured on each tournament page. It’s free and every sponsor pledge is donated. Please review our player rules and regulations and register a team today!

ProFan Sports Golf Challenge

The Club

It’s an entertaining, exciting, and rewarding national competition. It is also a fundraising campaign for junior golf organizations. Every team and player must select a local golf course or golf club. If they win, the Club wins! It’s FREE and all sponsor pledges are donated.

Local clubs can organize their own Golf Challenge. Sign up teams and secure sponsors. Use your website, newsletter, and other marketing to track their progress and help raise funds for junior golf programs. Your Club Champions may be our City, State, and National Champions. Ask your members and players to register a Team. It’s a Club Challenge!

How many will participate? How many teams will compete?
many children will benefit from their efforts?  

It's a City, Club, Player, and Sponsor Challenge! How many Futures will we change?

Junior Golf

Golf is a healthy, non-contact sport, that teaches children patience, respect, concentration, honesty, discipline, and emotional control. They can play for a lifetime, exercise, friendship, and business.

Our goal is to increase awareness of and support for junior golf organizations. We do this by securing tournament sponsors and helping them increase sales and donations. It all depends on how many teams we have in each city . Will it be $50,000, or $100,000 or more for every City, State, and National Championship? Register a team or sponsor a city or state. Many young players and their parents will appreciate your efforts and your support.

City, State, and National Sponsors donate funds to Junior Golf organizations.

ProFan Sports Sponsors


It’s a unique marketing opportunity for local companies. There are 10 sponsors for each City, State, and National tournament. Sponsors pledge to donate an amount based on sales generated throughout the tournament (September 2121- September 2022). Sponsors must register a Team and select a junior golf organization to support. 

Starting September 1, 2021 and every month until March 1, 2022, we will select the 10 sponsor requests with the highest pledges for each City, State, and National tournament. They will be featured on their tournament page. Final Sponsors will be selected March 1, and benefit from a variety of programs and promotions until September 1, 2022. 

Player Awards

It all starts with Players. The more players we have the more children benefit. Tournament Champions win Player Awards listed on the City, State, and National tournament pages. Award Sponsors are accepted throughout the tournament season and distributed in August 2022. There are 5 winners per-tournament, the highest scoring Player and the highest scoring Team. The highest scoring player selects first and then the next highest scoring player. 

Sponsor Marketing
PROFAN SPORTS National Golf Challenge
Sponsor Marketing
PROFAN SPORTS National Golf Challenge

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