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Golf Challenge Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Now you can play golf, do some business, and help local junior golf organizations. It’s free, you can win major awards, and all sponsor fees are donated. Visit our About and Golf Challenge pages for additional information.

Registration starts June 1, 2021 and concludes May 1, 2021. Team Captains register 4 players by providing their name, current handicap, and GHIN number. The team name can be a person (Team Jones), company (Bob’s Realty) or something like the All Pars. However it must be different from other teams in your city. The team image can be a team photo, a company logo or another “appropriate” image. Each player must be 18 or older.

All players compete in 6 matches between May 1, 2022 and August 1, 2022. On August 1, the highest scoring team and player are the City, State, and National Champions.  Now you’re competing with teams and players from communities across the country.

The Tournament
City leaderboards will indicate teams open to match invitations. Two teams agree to a match and exchange two players. Each foursome schedules their own match. Using their GHIN handicap, each player competes with one opponent and receives 1 point for every hole they win. The Team with the most points wins the match and receives an additional 2 points. Prior to the each match, each foursome agrees on competing players and the “strokes” each player gets on each hole.

The Team Captain can replace or substitute a player at any time but they must have an established GHIN handicap with at least 6 months history. Teams cannot play the same opponent twice.

Both 2- player teams keep the score for all 4 players in their match. This includes number of points, putts, pars, and birdies. If there is a tie when the scores are posted, the leaderboard will award the match to the Team (4 players) with the least number of putts. If there is still a tie, the most pars and then most birdies determines the winner. If there is still a tie, each Team receives 1 additional point. Teams cannot play the same opponent twice. They must play 6 different opponents/teams.

After each match both teams compare and sign each others score card. Then they post all 4 scores on the team’s profile. If both teams do not post the same scores, both teams will receive an alert. If they are not corrected, the points will not be awarded to either team and the match cannot be replayed. If an opponent refuses to post their scores after 5 days, it will be recorded as a loss and they will not receive any points. The team that posted their scores, does not receive any points but it does not count as one of their 6 matches.

The highest scoring teams and players will be listed on the City, State, and National leaderboards. City leaderboards will show which teams are open to a match. Visit each teams profile. Learn about the team and the players. You will find match history, each players GHIN number and many will provide business information. On August 1, the highest scoring Team (4 players) and the highest scoring Player will win each tournament and the associated awards

Team and Player Awards
The 5 tournament champions decide what junior golf organizations receive sponsor donations. each champion also receives player awards listed at the bottom of each tournament page. The Player Champion chooses first and then the highest scoring players from the Team Champion.

Junior Golf
Every tournament has 10 sponsors that donate a sponsor fee based on sales generated throughout the tournament. Every sponsor also selects a local junior golf organization to support throughout the tournament. Each tournament Team Champion selects a tournament sponsor’s junior golf organization to receive all sponsor donations. It’s a national Golf Challenge.

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