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The PROFAN SPORTS Golf Challenge provides interactive and entertaining marketing opportunities for local companies. It’s a campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of golf and to generate support for junior golf organizations. It is also a national golf Challenge…

It’s free to all players and sponsors “pledge” to make donations based on sales generated throughout the tournament season. There are many programs, activities, and events to help sponsors achieve their business and social goals.

… how many futures can we change?™

PROFAN SPORTS Junior Golf programs

There are ten sponsors for each City, State, and National tournament. The sponsor “pledge” is based on projected revenue generated throughout the 7 month tournament season (February – September). They can increase their pledge at any time. Sponsor logos/photos are featured on each tournament page along with their current donation pledge. Each logo is linked to the company webpage promoting their involvement in the program.

Starting February 1, 2022 we will select and feature 10 sponsors with the highest pledge amount for each City, State, and National tournament. Our goal is to help sponsors generate maximum revenue and donations. All awards and pledges/donations are paid and presented in August, 2022.

All sponsors must register a team in their city tournament.  If their team wins, so does their favorite junior golf organization. Tournament champions must select a local sponsor’s junior golf organization to receive all tournament donations. Use your team, your website and other media to help raise funds for children in your community.

A Marketing Challenge

There are many ways to use the program to increase sales and donations. Increase your pledge amount when you achieve sales goals. Develop sales promotions throughout the tournament. Encourage customers to help your junior golf organization. Ask your junior golf organization to support your efforts.

Sponsor/register a Team. Registration starts February 1, 2022. Select 4 local players and pay for their 6 matches. Buy them a dinner or two. Motivate them to help sell your services. Ask your employees and customers to donate a dollar for every point your team scores or if your team wins the City, State, and National tournament. Ask them to make a donation if one of your players wins a Player Championship. Challenge other sponsor teams every month. The team with the most points wins and the loser must make a donation to the winners junior golf organization.

Articles, photos, and videos about the Champions and junior golf programs will be featured on each tournament page, social media, and other marketing. All players and website visitors will know that working with sponsors increases donations to these organizations. Get your City and State started. Be a leader in your community. Contact us for additional information.

Junior Golf Organizations

Use your social media and other marketing efforts to help secure sponsors and increase the number of teams in your community. Ask local companies, players, and golf clubs to support your organization. Tell your story. Why should a tournament champion select your organization? Contact local media organizations. Ask them to help increase participation, support for local sponsors and donations to help children in your community.

Golf Courses, Clubs, and Communities

Junior Golf programsGive members something to play for and feel good about. Help junior golf organizations and local companies. Have your own tournament, secure sponsors and donations. Get the community involved. Secure donations if one of your teams win the City, State, or National Championship.

Be the first Golf Club in your city and challenge other clubs. Who will win the city tournament, have the most teams, and generate the most donations? What club will have the highest scoring team and individual player? Get local media organizations involved.

Post tournament updates on your website and other media. Link to your Golf Challenge tournament page to see where your teams and players rank with others in your city, state, and the nation. Contact other golf clubs, golf pros, and golf associations. Help secure sponsors and help increase the number of teams participating in your city.

Contact your golf club or course and ask them to set up a Golf Challenge tournament. Ask other players to register a team and help secure local sponsors. Help raise funds for your favorite junior golf organization by asking people to donate $1 per-point if your team wins the city tournament, $2 for state and $3 for the National Championship. Your team name could be a local company. Ask them to make a donation if your team wins.

The PROFAN SPORTS Golf Challenge was developed to help companies and their communities. All sponsor pledges are donated. The more teams, sponsors, and cities we have the more everyone benefits. Team registration starts February 1, 2022. Sponsor a team, sponsor a tournament, help junior golfers in your community. Many juniors and their parents will appreciate your efforts and support for many years.

Play fore their Future™