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Bill Goforth

We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Bill Dean Goforth.
He was born in Bayside Texas on June 19, 1931. He was the son of Nial and Hazel Goforth.

He was a Patriot, Veteran, and loyal Longhorn
In 1950 he graduated from Refugio High School, joined the U.S. Airforce
And married Mildred Pauline Blair. In 1952 they moved to Alaska.
He received an honorable discharge in 1954 and enrolled in the University of Texas in 1956.
He earned a degree in Business Administration in just 3 years.
During those 3 years he had 4 children and worked multiple jobs to pay the bills.

He was a Businessman
He traveled around America and many other countries,
Working with corporate leaders, sports stars, politicians, and celebrities.
He was a successful corporate executive, entrepreneur, and business owner.

Friend and Entertainer
Bill and Millie hosted many parties and organized many events.
They rarely had neighbors, mostly friends.
When someone needed help they knew who to call.
A handyman with charm, humor, class, and character.
He made a thousand friends and cherished them all.

He was a Golfer
Golf was always a big part of his life.
He played for business, friendship, and competition.
He enjoyed playing with family and he always played to win.
He played until he could no longer play.
We all wish, he could play again.

A Fisherman
Like his father before him fishing was a passion.
He had several boats, knew where to go, and how to get there.
He knew about knots, and hooks, bait, and lures.
The “Captain” was a happy man, sharing it with others.

Exceptional Husband and Father
He was devoted to one woman for 67 years.
Bill and Millie traveled, played golf, played bridge, and entertained friends.
They had 5 children, provided beautiful homes, college, and cars.
We did some hunting and fishing and digging in the yard. 

Bill D. Goforth    6/19/31   –   7/21/18 
So Bill D. Goforth we are here to say goodbye,
However, we will always remember, a carpenter,
Poker player, patriot, veteran, and proud Texan,
A Longhorn fan, comedian, humanitarian, businessman, and golfer
A family man, great husband, fisherman and father.

He was much more than all of these things.
He was an extraordinary human being!
We salute you Pop and thank you for everything.
Hook’em Horns and Keep on Playing!

~rag     8/9/18