PROFAN SPORTS Fantasy Football Rules and Regulations

Now, when you compete in your regular league, you also compete in our  CityState, and National Tournaments and Championships. Leagues and Players that score the most points win major awards and funds to help companies and causes in their community.  .

League Registration
League commissioners register their league. It must be a public league and the league name must be the same as that on your league website/page.  A league can only compete in City tournament.  Please select a major city near your location. We do not accept leagues in states where this type of program is prohibited by law.

We post each team’s weekly total points scored. The city, state, and national leaderboards are updated as scores are posted. There are 10 and 12 team leagues with 3 different point settings. There will be a League and a Player winner for all 6 leagues per-tournament. At the end of the season, the highest scoring Leagues and Players from each league size and setting compete in the playoffs. In the event of a tie, all Leagues and Players tied for first place compete in the playoffs.

The Playoffs
At the end of the regular season (week 17), the League Commissioner and the individual Player/s select a playoff team. They select 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3WRs, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 Def. They get one point for each game they win and 1 point for a bye. After the Super Bowl, the League and Player with the most points win the City, State, and the National tournaments.

Play Off Tie Breaker
In the event of a tie, the league or player with the highest scoring QB wins the tournament. If there is still a tie the highest scoring RBs, the WRs, TEs, Ks, and Defense determines the ultimate Champion for each tournament.

It is Free, exciting, and gives every player more to play for. In 2021 you could win major awards and help a cause you care about. Please review our privacy policy and terms of use.  Registration starts November 2021.

If you’ win here, you a Champion?