Fantasy Football is an American Phenomenon

Fantasy Football is a challenging, interesting, exciting sport. Over 40 million men and women play. The average player is 38 years old, has a college degree, has an average household income of $90,000, and advanced communication skills. It is also an innovative, interactive, and entertaining marketing opportunity.

A Competition and a Campaign

Now when fantasy players compete in their regular league they also compete in our City, State, and National Championships. In 2022 they can win major awards and help companies and causes in their community. There is no cost and no additional time or effort is required. This is a 7 month sales, marketing, and community support campaign to help companies, individuals, and organizations. The sales and fundraising campaign starts January 2,  2022. Sponsors remain on their tournament page until February 2023.

There are 6 sponsors for every City, State, and the National Championship. Players know sponsors provide all player awards and donations. There are many programs, promotions, activities, and events to help accomplish business and social goals.


Community Support  

Select a cause or nonprofit organization and use the program to increase awareness and donations. Make a donation when you make a sale or accomplish a sales goal. Get the nonprofit organization’s employees, friends, and followers involved. Donate a dollar per-point scored by the winning team.

Develop a story or video about your team and your cause. Provide updates throughout the season. If the Champions selects your company and cause, the photos and videos will provide interesting content for your website and social media.

Programs and Promotions

Provide a discount or some product or service to your City winners each week or month. Develop a contest. Provide a discount or free product/service to the League or Player that wins the City, State, or National Championship. Make a donation if they win.

Sponsor fees/donations are based on sales generated throughout the season. Increase your sponsor “pledge” every time you make a sale or achieve a sales goal. Your pledge will be posted under your photo or video on your tournament page. Visit our website and follow us on social media to learn about other sponsor programs and promotions. Learn how other companies are taking advantage of the program. How much business and how much good can you do in 18months?

ProFan Sports Professionals

Sponsor a League

Companies can also register their own League. Provide information about your players, your company, and nonprofit on your league profile. Start a campaign or promotion to identify and select players for your league. They could be employees, customers, vendors, or general public. Select players with the willingness and ability to help your company and your Cause. Every local media organizations should register a league and play for a cause!

Get the community involved. Ask your customers to post or email their roster suggestions for one or all of your league players/teams. Ask people, companies, and organizations to make a donation if your league wins the tournament. Each league player could get their friends and followers to make a donation if they win. Ask local media organizations to help raise funds and make a donation if your league wins. Your team could also donate all or a portion of the tournament awards.

Challenge other leagues in your community. The weekly or monthly losers donate to the winner’s nonprofit organization. Local media, restaurants, hotels, insurance companies, and realtors could challenge each other and raise funds for their nonprofit.

ProFan Sports SponsorsTournament awards will be presented throughout the month of February 2023. Champions select the winners of Donation  Awards. We ask all winners, players, sponsors, and organizations to post photos, comments, and videos on their social media and websites. Follow us on social media and contact us for additional information.

Sponsor Fees

There are 6 sponsors for each tournament. The actual sponsor fee is a pledge based on sales generated throughout the 18 month campaign and fantasy football season. Our goal for 2022 is $5,000 per-sponsor for each City tournament, $10,000 for each State, and 15,000on for the national Championship. They can increase the amount at any time. All pledges are paid and/or donated in February 2023. The Sponsor’s logo, photo, or video is featured on each tournament page along with their pledge. There is also a link to the companies website. How much  business and how much good can you do in 18 months?

In today’s highly “social” marketplace, community involvement and customer interaction are an absolute necessity. This is different, interactive, inexpensive, exciting, and it will help many causes in your community. If you would like additional information please visit the Sponsor, About, and contact us pages.

It’s about Business, Sports, and Community support!