It is our mission to recognize and reward the most accomplished fantasy football players, and to provide professional opportunities. It’s a national competition, a marketing opportunity, and a fundraising campaign. It’s about Business Sports, and Community Support.

ProFan Sports Fantasy Football PlayersFantasy Football is a challenging sport that requires a tremendous amount of research, analysis, knowledge, and experience. It takes years to be a Champion. We help players get paid to play.

Play in your regular league and compete in our City, State, and National tournaments. All you do post your weekly score. There are 10 and 12 player, season long, re-draft leagues with 3 different point setting options. Players and leagues will be listed on each leaderboard by points scored. After the Super Bowl, the highest scoring league and player will win each tournament. It’s all about the points.

The Professionals
We feature leading players throughout the tournament. A professional fantasy football player must do more than just win. It all comes down to sponsor value. Players should use their social media and other marketing efforts to talk about the tournament, the sponsor, and the cause. Ask friends and family to donate $1 per-point or make a donation if you win a tournament.

PROFAN SPORTS will select three players in 2022 to receive a $50,000 sponsorship for the 2023 season. We encourage other companies to learn about and sponsor a player in 2023. Registration starts May 16, 2022. It’s free and the more players we have, the more sponsors and awards we will have.

City, State, National Sponsors

Every tournament is unique marketing and community support opportunity. Players will be highly motivated to support tournament sponsors and the nonprofit organizations they select. There are many programs, promotions, activities, and events to help sell your services and generate support for a cause in your community. Please visit the Sponsor page for additional information.

There are 10 sponsors for each City, State, and National tournament. Sponsors pledge an amount to be paid after the 2023 Super Bowl. It can be increased at any time. We will start accepting sponsor requests May 16. In July, we will select 10 sponsors with the highest pledge amounts for each tournament. Our goal is to help every sponsor generate maximum revenue and donations.

Play for a Cause!
Get 10 or 12 employees or customers to play for your league. If your league wins, make a donation. It’s free and a good way to get your customers involved in your efforts to help a cause in your community. Visit the website and contact us for additional information.

Have some fun, do some business, and make a difference!