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June 1, 2021- Georgetown, TX – PROFAN SPORTS announces the launch of the national Golf Challenge and the first official year of the Fantasy Football Tournament of Leagues. It’s a competition, a marketing campaign, and a Challenge. How many futures can we change?

Golf Challenge champions win awards and donations for local junior golf organizations. “I developed the Golf Challenge and the Fantasy Football Tournament of Leagues to provide competition, entertainment for players, and support for communities across the country”, says Robert Goforth Founder of PROFAN SPORTS.

Golf Challenge Sponsors
It’s a 12 month campaign to secure the maximum number of Teams, Sponsors, and donations for Junior Golf Organizations. The campaign starts August 1, 2021. It is also a marketing opportunity for every sponsor. Sponsors “pledge” to donate an amount based on sales generated during the tournament period. All donations are made in August 2022. There are 10 sponsor opportunities for every City, State, and National tournament.

The Golf Challenge Tournament
Teams of 4 players compete with other teams in their club and their city. They play 6 matches between May 1, 2022 and August 1, 2022. They earn points for winning holes. Scores are posted on the City, State, and National leaderboards. “On August 1, 2022 the highest scoring teams and players win major awards and donations to local junior golf organizations” says Robert Goforth.

Fantasy Football Tournament of Leagues
There are 10 and 12 team fantasy football leagues and 3 different point settings. There are League and Player Champions for each tournament. “Now you’re competing with players and leagues from communities across the country. You want every player in your league to score the maximum number of points. You also want to score more points than every player in your league. If you win here, you are a Champion,” says Robert Goforth.

Tournament of Leagues Sponsors
There are 6 sponsor opportunities for the each City, State and National tournament. Sponsors provide all player awards and donations. They have a variety of marketing programs, activities, and events to help companies increase sales and generate support for their community. The sponsor fee/pledge is based the sales generated during the 7 month fantasy football season. On August 1, they will select 6 sponsors with the highest pledge amounts to feature on each tournament page. Their goal for 2021 is at least  $5,000 for a City tournament, $10,000 for State, and $15,000 for the National Championship. Awards and donations are paid in February 2022.

He was a Golfer
The PROFAN SPORTS Golf Challenge is dedicated to Bill D. Goforth. He was a golfer. He played for 70 years, won many trophies, made many friends, and helped many juniors and seniors play better golf. Our goal is to accomplish one of his goals, to help children across the country benefit from this wonderful sport.

Visit the Golf Challenge and Tournament of Leagues pages for additional information. Register a team or a league. Sponsor a City or State. Have some fun, do some business, and make a difference.

How many futures can we change?™