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After the Super Bowl, the highest scoring Player and League will be the…

2022 Fantasy Football Champions.

Awards and Donations

Sponsors pledge at least $5,000 to be paid after the Super Bowl in 2023. This pledge can be increased at any time. The Tournament Awards will increase if the average pledge is greater than $5,000. The tournament Champion selects a Sponsor’s nonprofit to receive all donations.

Tournament Awards

  • Player- $100,000
  • 2nd Place- $50,000
  • 3rd Place- $25,ooo
  • League- $75,000
  • Nonprofit- $50,000

National Champions


Starting August 1, the leaderboard will list players as they register. In September they will be listed by points scored. Click on Player View or League View, then select a league size and point setting to view all Players and Leagues. Click Search to find a specific player or league. Visit the Players page to review all point settings.

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