The PROFAN SPORTS Search for Champions is a national fantasy football tournament, a unique marketing opportunity, and a fundraising campaign. It is also a national effort to recognize and reward exceptional, professional, fantasy football players.

It’s Just Good Business

This is a 7 month sales, marketing, and community support campaign to help companies, individuals, and organizations. It’s all about business. There are 10 sponsors for every City, State, and the National tournament. Sponsors provide all player awards and donations. Every player will be a customer and/or a highly motivated referral source. Our goal is to help sponsors generate maximum revenue and donations.

Sponsors pay a $4,000 sponsor fee and pledge an amount to be paid after the Super Bowl in 2023. We start accepting sponsor requests May 16, 2022. On July 1, we will select 10 sponsors with the highest pledge amounts for each tournament. The pledge will be posted under each sponsor’s photo or video on their tournament page. Visit our website and follow us on social media to learn about other sponsor programs and promotions. Learn how other companies are taking advantage of the program.

Sponsor Awards

During the season we will feature sponsors and their marketing efforts to increase donations, sales, and tournament participation. After the Super Bowl in 2023, three sponsors will receive our 2022 Sponsor Awards. If our sponsor goals are achieved, PROFAN SPORTS will donate $50,000 to each sponsor’s nonprofit organization.


Community Support  

Select a nonprofit organization and use the program to increase awareness and donations. Pledge a dollar per-point scored by the winning player. Ask friends and fans to do the same. The maximum points for the season is 2,500.

Increase your sponsor pledge every time you make a sale or achieve a sales goal. Provide a discount or some product or service to your City winners each week or month. Provide a discount or free product or service to the tournament champions. Get the nonprofit organization’s employees, friends, and followers involved. Tournament Champions must select a sponsor’s nonprofit organization to receive all tournament donations.

ProFan Sports Professionals

Sponsor a Player

Professional fantasy football players are much more than good players. It all comes down to sponsor value. They use their social media and other marketing efforts to talk about the tournament, the sponsor, and the cause. Players can help raise funds by asking friends and family to donate $1 per-point or make a donation if they win a tournament. Post your efforts and results on your player profile.

Many players will play in multiple leagues. Players and their sponsors will be listed on all leaderboards. Follow us on social media to learn how other players help their sponsor and increase their professional value. The more Players do in 2022, the greater their value in 2023.

ProFan Sports Sponsors

Photos, videos, and stories will provide interesting content for sponsor websites, social media, newsletters, and other media. It is free to all players and every sponsor’s pledge amount is paid after the 2023 Super Bowl.

In today’s highly “social” marketplace, community involvement and customer interaction are an absolute necessity. This is different, interactive, inexpensive, exciting, and it will help many causes and nonprofit organizations. If you would like additional information please visit the Sponsor page and contact us.

It’s about Business, Sports, and Community support!