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Business, Sports, and Community Support 

City, State, and National sponsors provide all player awards and donations. It’s an entertaining and interactive, marketing, and fundraising campaign. We feature sponsors throughout the season and provide significant incentives to help generate maximum revenue, donations, and player awards. Contact us for additional information.

Sponsors pledge an amount to be paid after the Super Bowl. They can increase it at any time. The number of players in each tournament will determine the number of sponsors and their pledge amount. The more players support tournament sponsors, the greater the awards and donations. Player registration starts September 1, 2022.   

Tournament champions and their nonprofit organizations receive 100% of all sponsor pledges.
The more players support the sponsors the greater the awards.

Media Challenge

We encourage fantasy football analysts, hosts, announcers, and journalists to register a league. Select a cause and help raise awareness and funds. At the end of the season, the winners nonprofit organization will receive $100 per-sponsor on all tournaments. Help a cause in your community and help secure tournament players and sponsors. How good are you and how much good can you do?

Who will be the first Media Champion?

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How are City, State, and National Sponsors selected?

    • There are 10 Sponsor positions for each tournament (city, state, national).

    • We start accepting sponsor requests September 1, for each city, state, and national tournament.We will accept sponsors throughout the season.

    • Visit the Fantasy Football and Sponsor pages to learn about tournament opportunities.

    • Contact us for additional information.

  • What is the sponsor fee and minimal pledge amount.  

    •  Each sponsor pays PROFAN SPORTS a $2,000 sponsor fee and pledge a minimum of $5000 for each city, state, and national tournament. Pledges can be increased at any time.

    • The pledge amount will be listed under each sponsor’s logo on each tournament page and paid in February 2023.

    • All sponsor pledges will be paid to and distributed by a financial organization to be determined prior to November 1.

    • All payments will be posted on the tournament pages.

  • How can sponsors use the program to generate sales?

    •  It’s a 6 month (September- February) marketing opportunity.

    • Visit our Sponsors page, read this article, and follow us on social media for many programs and promotions.

    • Select a cause or nonprofit organization and use the program to increase awareness and donations.

    • Provide sales promotions to all players.

Players and Leagues

  • How do players register a league?

    • Visit your city or the national leaderboard. If your league has been registered ask a league mate for an invitation. If it has not been registered, click Register at the top right.

    • When completing the player profile, each player must register at least one league.

    • He/she must select a league size, point setting, and city.

    • Your league will not be registered if you do not provide a player name.

    • The City, State, and National leaderboards will display players and leagues.

    • Players can register up to 10 leagues but they must be located in 10 different cities.

    • Registration begins September 1 and continues until November 15, 2022.

  • How are winning players and leagues selected?

    • The highest scoring league and the leagues highest scoring players win each tournament.

    • If there is a tie, all go to the playoffs.

  • What are the 6 player and league formats?

    • All leagues must be 10 or 12 teams.

    • There are 3 different scoring options (see League Settings).

  • How are league scores posted to the leaderboards?

    • Players post their weekly score or scores on their profile.

    • The City, State, and National leaderboards are automatically updated.

  • How do players find leagues to play in?

    • Yahoo, NFL, ESPN, and many other websites have leagues you can join.

    • You can also click on a player’s name on the leaderboard and visit their profile. You can then invite him/her to play in your league.

  • Can I select any city for my league?

    • If we do not have your city please select a city closest to you.

    • You can change your league location/city until November 1, 2022.

    • Depending on the number of players and sponsors in a city, players may be moved to a different city.

  • Can I compete in several cities?

    • Yes, you can compete in up to 10 leagues but they must be registered in different cities.

  • What websites or league hosting platforms can I use?

    • Play in Yahoo, NFL, ESPN or any other as long as the league settings are correct and it’s a public league.

  • How do you know if a player posts the correct score or has the right point settings?

    • We will feature leading players throughout the season. We will verify their scores and settings.

    • Players must agree to provide their user name and password if necessary.

    • We will verify every Champions identity, scores, and settings.

  • What do you do if you find a player that posts the wrong scores, has the wrong league settings, or plays in more than one league per-city?

    • If we find that the points or settings are incorrect, the player will be eliminated.

    • Please review the tournament Rules and Regulations.

  • What is the Media Challenge?

    • Fantasy football analysts, hosts, announcers, and journalists compete for a $100,000 donation to their nonprofit organization.

League Settings

What are the League point settings?

Visit the Players page for all settings.

Championship and Awards

  • How are City, State, and National Champions selected?

    • The highest scoring league and that league’s highest scoring Player go to the playoffs (see Leagues and Players).

  • What determines the amount of each Tournament award?

    • Sponsor pledges pay for all awards and donations.  

    • Sponsors pledge at least $5000. It can be increased it at any time.


  • How do you determine a final winner for each City, State, and National tournament?

    • At the end of the fantasy football season (week 17), the highest scoring Leagues (10 and 12 team leagues, 3 different point settings) and the league’s highest scoring players compete in the playoff.

    • All players and leagues involved in a tie go to the playoffs.

    • Remember it’s all about the points. Even if you do not make the playoffs in your league/s, your points for those weeks still count.

  • What is the playoff process?

    •  A representative of the highest scoring league and the leagues highest scoring compete in the NFL or another playoff program we select. Please review our Rules and Regulations.

    • After the Super Bowl, one Player and one League will be the City, State, and National Champions.


  • How can Nonprofits Organizations benefit from this program?

    • Get your employees, volunteers, and friends to register. Ask them to select your organization.

    • If they win the organization wins.

    • Contact local companies ask them to sponsor your city and select your organization.

    • Develop fundraising promotions based on your player’s or league’s performance.

    • Ask your league players to help increase awareness and donations.

    • Ask local companies to sponsor a league and select your organization.

    • Ask local companies to sponsor a city and select your organization.

  • Visit our blog and follow us on social media for examples, ideas, and opportunities.


In 2010 I was playing golf with my nephew and his friends. They asked me to play in their fantasy football league. I knew nothing about fantasy football. My pre-draft research was limited to google searches. Twelve years later, I won my first Championship. I always look forward to September.

We are fantasy football fanatics and marketing professionals. The Search for Champions was developed to promote the sport of Fantasy Football, increase participation, and to recognize and reward some of the best fantasy football players across the country. It is also an effort to help companies, organizations, and communities.

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