Fantasy Football is a very challenging, exciting, and entertaining sport. Knowledge, research, and analysis, wins championships. Professional Fantasy Sports was developed to identify exceptional players and help champions get paid to play. We feature #1s every week on our website and social media. If you are #1 in your league any week before November 23, register your team. At the end of the season, some will be Champions and some will be Professionals.

It’s a season long campaign to identify exceptional fantasy football players and help secure awards for all Champions and Professionals. If you are #1 in your league, register your team. If you’re a league commissioner register your #1 player. We look at league settings, ranking, points scored, points scored against, and matches won. Every week we feature leading players on the website and social media. At the end of the season, the top 3 players will receive Champion awards. The top 12 players will be our first Professionals.

The Professionals
These are the #1s, league champions, and the 12 highest scoring fantasy football players in the 2023. They will forever be listed on this page. It’s a 2 year campaign (2023-2024) to secure sponsors and awards for these players. Sponsors will be featured here and included in all marketing efforts. These 12 players will be paid to play in the 2024 National Championship. Contact us for additional information.

Sponsors and Awards
In addition to Champion and Professional awards, the #1 player also receives the first PROFAN SPORTS Championship ring and trophy. Sponsors will be featured on website and our social media and included in an ongoing campaign to promote the sport, identify exceptional players, and provide significant awards. The greater the awards the more players we will have. It’s all about Professional Fantasy Sports.